May 19

Standard PPTQ

Our next PPTQ is scheduled for June 3. It is Standard format. We will also be running back the Team Incentive from our last PPTQ, so make sure you find some friends to attend with you.

In addition, we will have a buyer from ChannelFireball set up here buying cards all day as well.

Full information can be found here.

May 03

Magic Casual League

Magic Casual League returns to the shop. This is an excellent opportunity for new and old players alike to get play Magic and build up their collection. Play at your own pace on any day you want. Full details can be found here.

May 03

Standard Showdown Returns

This weekend, the Magic Standard Showdown events return to Saturdays. These are FREE Standard events every Saturday and provide promotional booster packs as prizes. Full event details can be found here.

Apr 19

Guardians Rising Prerelease

We will be hosting our first Pokemon Prerelease for the new set Guardians Rising on Saturday, April 29. This will be a great opportunity for local players to come out, get new cards, and meet fellow players. Full details can be found here.

Apr 19

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller

We will be hosting our first Steamroller event on April 29. Based on the success of this event, we plan to host these every other month, or possibly every month. Full details for the event can be found here.

Apr 18

Trade-in Bonus Increase

As a show of appreciation for our Magic customers, we have decided to increase the store credit bonus on trade-ins. Starting today, you will now get a 30% bonus when trading cards in for store credit, instead of the previous 20%. If you’ve been thinking about trading cards in to the store, now is the best time to do so!

Apr 11

Magic Open House – Learn to Play

This Saturday, April 15, we are hosting a Magic Open House. This event was created by Wizards as a way to help new players learn the game. We will be hosting demos all day, so this is the perfect chance to come and learn this great game. If you are an experienced player already, we encourage you to bring a friend who has never played before.

New players will receive a free introductory deck to help them get started (while supplies last). They will also have a chance to earn a promotional land card from the new Amonkhet set (also while supplies last) by participating in a special casual Standard event at the end of the day. Experienced players who bring a friend to learn will also have a chance to earn the promotional land card as well.

Apr 11

Amonkhet Prerelease

The Amonkhet Prerelease is less than 2 weeks away and preregistration is now open! You can find details for the events here.

In addition, we are now taking preorders for Booster Boxes and Bundles

Booster Box – $99.99
Bundle – $39.99

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to answer them.

Mar 02

Modern Masters 2017 Preorder Update

We announced on Tuesday the preorder price for Modern Masters 2017 booster boxes was $224.99. We will be honoring this price through Thursday, March 16. However, we will be limited preorders to FOUR booster boxes per person. Once the set officially releases, the price for booster boxes will go up, so we encourage you to preorder if possible. In addition, as with other Masters sets, we will be getting a limited supply. There is a possibility we will sell out so we want to encourage everyone to preorder to ensure you get the product you want.

Feb 28

Modern Masters 2017

Previews for the new set have begun this week and we are very excited for this set. The set releases on Friday, March 17 and we are now taking preorders on booster boxes.

Booster Box Preorder Price: $224.99

In addition, we will be reducing the price of our remaining Eternal Masters boosters boxes to $224.99 as well.


As with previous Masters sets, we will be running several drafts using the new set. This time, we are running SIX! drafts. Each draft will be all Modern Masters 2017, including prize packs.

Entry Fee: $40

Saturday, March 18 – 5:00pm
Sunday, March 19 – 2:00pm
Wednesday, March 22 – 6:00pm
Saturday, March 25 – 5:00pm
Sunday, March 26 – 2:00pm
Wednesday, March 29 – 6:00pm

Wednesday drafts will replace our normal weekly draft for the week. Each event is capped at 8 players and we are taking sign ups now if you want to preregister.

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