Oct 19

Closed Oct 25 and Nov 6

We will be closed Tuesday, October 25, and Sunday, November 8. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Oct 18

FNM Costume Contest


Model: Christine Sprankle – Photo by Eurobeat Kasumi

We are having a Halloween costume contest during Friday Night Magic on October 28. You must participate in FNM to be eligible for the contest. Entries will be judged on creativity and craftsmanship and do not have to be Magic related. Winners will be announced after round 2. The winner will receive $25 store credit. Please note that offensive costumes will not be permitted and may result in you being asked to leave the store.

Sep 20

September IQ Results

Congratulations to the Top 8 finishers of our StarCityGames IQ this past weekend. And a special congratulations to our winner, Clint Jay! You will find the Top 8 decklists below.


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Sep 07

Changing Hours

Starting on September 19, we will be closed on Mondays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Sep 06

Kaladesh Preorders and Prerelease

Kaladesh is just around the corner, releasing on September 30, and we are now taking sign ups for the Prerelease events as well as preorders on sealed product.

Prerelease events are September 24-25 will be ran as usual with 6 different options to choose from. Also, we have our very first prerelease playmat! Check out all of the prerelease details here.


We are also taking preorders for booster boxes and bundle packs (formerly known as Fat Packs).

Booster Box: $99.99
Bundle Pack: $39.99 (now with 10 boosters instead of 9)

Also, preordering a booster box will ensure that you get the exclusive Buy-a-Box Promo, while supplies last. The promo for Kaladesh is Skyship Stalker.


Aug 22

Conspiracy: Take the Crown Release


Conspiracy: Take the Crown releases this Friday. We will have booster boxes and packs for sale when we open Friday.

In addition, we will be doing release drafts this Saturday, August 27. We will be starting at noon and running 8 person draft pods as they fill up. Entry fee is $12. After drafting, each pod will break up into two 4-player games. The winner of each game will receive 3 Conspiracy packs as prize and each other player will receive 1 booster pack as prize. So each player is guaranteed at least 4 packs worth of cards for their entry fee. This set looks incredibly fun and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.

Aug 21

Aug 20 PPTQ Results

Congratulations to our Top 8 finishers from yesterday’s PPTQ and a special congratulations to our winner, George White, with his Mardu Midrange deck. You can find all of our Top 8 decklists below.


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Aug 16

CMC Fall 2016 Schedule

With the Summer 2016 Season wrapping up this Sunday, we want to go ahead and release the schedule for the 2016 Fall Season. We are not making any changes to the structure of the Cookeville Magic Cup for the fall season. Please note that some events during the season may be subject to change, but we will announce any changes at least 2 weeks in advance of the event. The schedule will be available on the CMC page after the Summer Championship is completed this Sunday.

Aug 28 Standard
Sep 3 Standard
Sep 17 Modern
Oct 1 Standard
Oct 15 Modern
Oct 22/23 Kaladesh
Game Day
Oct 30 Standard
Nov 5 Modern
Nov 12 Standard
Nov 26 Standard
Dec 3 Championship –

Dates in red are Sunday events.

Aug 14

CMC Summer 2016 Final List

With the conclusion of today’s Eldritch Moon Game Day, we now know all the qualified players for the Summer 2016 Cookeville Magic Cup Championship. We would like to congratulate the following players:

Larry Phillips
Elliott Cannon
Andy Cannon
Clint Jay
James Baggett
Jonathan Aiken
Paul O’Neal
Joe McKinney
Ryan Ward
David Graves
Brandon Hanus
Jeremy Skelton

The Championship is next Sunday, Aug 21, at 1pm. We wish all of the players good luck as they prepare.

In addition, we will posting the schedule for the Fall 2016 CMC Season later this week.

Aug 12

Twitter and Newsletter!

We are pleased to announce that we are now on Twitter. Follow us @bobsgamescomics to get news about events and products.

Also, you can now sign up for our monthly newsletter. You will find the sign up button on the right hand side of the website. We will be sending out the newsletter at the beginning of each month with a list of our events and new product releases for the month.

We are glad to offer these two new ways of providing information to our customers!

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