Mar 29

Dominaria Buy-a-Box Special Promotion

Dominaria releases in about a month, and we are now taking preorders on Boosters Boxes as well as Preregistration for the Prerelease.

The Buy-a-Box promotion will work a little differently this time. First, the promotional card, Firesong and Sunspeaker, is not available in booster packs. This is the only way to get this card at this time. In addition, Buy-a-Box promos are no longer limited to one per customer, so you will receive a copy of Firesong and Sunspeaker for each box that you buy*.

And the best part, anyone who preorders a Booster Box, will be able to pick up their box during Prelease Weekend*!

*while supplies last

Mar 08

Pauper Tuesdays

Pauper is a format that only allows cards printed at common to be played. To align ourselves with Pauper events being ran at Grand Prix, we will be using the Magic Online pauper legal list. That list can be found on the Channel Fireball website. You can also search cards using the Pauper filter on Scryfall as well. These events will be 4 rounds of Swiss pairings (like FNM) and will payout based on your record. At this time, these events will be held every other Tuesday.

Time: 6:00pm
Entry: $5


4-0: $25 store credit
3-1: $15 store credit

Jan 28

1/27/18 PPTQ Results

We would like to thank all 41 of the players who came out to our PPTQ yesterday. It was a new record for us for PPTQ attendance! We would also like to extend a special thanks to our judges, Jonathan Holland and Kelcie Evans.

And congratulations to our own Jonathan Aiken for his victory in the event. You will find the Top 8 decklists below.

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Jan 23

Introducing Demo Days

We are proud to introduce our new program, Demo Days. Demo Days will be a monthly event where we will run demos for popular board games and card games for people who are interested in learning to play. If there is a game you want to learn, let us know and we will see about adding it to the schedule.

The first Demo Day will be this Sunday, January 28, and we will be demoing the game Smash Up. Smash Up is a “shuffle building” game where each player picks two faction decks (for example: Wizards and Ninjas) and Smashes them together. Then they battle each other across different sites for Victory Points.

You can find information about the game here:

For this particular Demo Day, we also have promotional packs of the All-Star faction that we will be giving out to select participants.

Jan 12

Inclement Weather

In the interest of the safety of our players, we have decided to close at 5:00pm today. FNM and the Midnight Prerelease are being cancelled. At this time, all other Prerelease events this weekend will still happen as planned.

If you preregistered for the Midnight Prerelease, please feel free to message the shop or Eddie direclty, and we can discuss the options available.

Jan 11

New Playmats

In addition to a selection of Rivals of Ixalan playmats today, we also have new playmats showcasing the John Avon land art from Unstable. We only have a limited number of these so make sure to grab yours before they are gone! ($21.99)

Dec 29

Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease

The Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease is just a couple of weeks away. Registration for the event is now open! We have several events to choose from over the course of the weekend.

Sat, Jan 13
Midnight (after FNM)
5:00 (2HG)

Sun, Jan 14
1:00 (2HG)

The first event you enter is $25, and each additional event is reduced by $1. Each event is limited to 64 players.

In addition to the normal Prerelease prizes, we have a special raffle prize to give away at this Prerelease. Each Prerelease entry earns you one entry in the raffle as well. The prize is the 2017 Holiday promo card, Some Disassembly Required.

Dec 11

More Unstable Drafts!

We want to thank everyone who came out to our Unstable release weekend drafts! It is a very fun format to draft, and we want to be able to continue providing the fun.

All Wednesday night drafts between now and Jan 10 will now be Unstable Drafts. These will follow our normal $13 entry fee and normal draft procedure. We are just changing the draft packs to Unstable.

This is a great opportunity to get more cards for your Un-Commander deck, and also the sweet basic lands and foil tokens!

Dec 07

Unstable Release Drafts

Unstable arrives tomorrow and we will be doing several release drafts this weekend. Drafts are scheduled for 1:00pm and 5:00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Each draft has a $10 entry fee and participants will receive an Earl of Squirrel promotional card, while supplies last.

Nov 16

Black Friday Treasure Chest Promotion

Starting November 24, if you buy a booster box of any Standard legal set, Iconic Masters*, or Unstable**, you will receive a Treasure Chest promotional pack (while supplies last).

Treasure Chest boosters will contain the following:

  • One alternate-art, premium foil double-faced card from Ixalan;
  • Two premium foil basic lands;
  • Four rare or mythic rare cards from Standard-legal sets; and
  • Two premium foil cards from any Standard-legal set.

These are very similar to the original Ixalan Buy-a-box packs, except the Burning Sun’s Avatar has been replaced by a new alternate art version of an Ixalan double-faced card.

(All 10 double-faced cards will appear in the packs. You can see the others on the Wizard’s website.)

We have a limited supply of these promotional packs, and this is NOT limit one per customer like previous promotions, so make sure you get yours!

*Iconic Masters boxes bought starting with tomorrow’s release will earn these packs, but the packs cannot be distributed until 11/24/17.
**Unstable preorders will earn you these packs once the preorder is fully paid for.