Sep 08

Ixalan Buy-a-Box Promotion

We are now taking preorders for Ixalan Booster Boxes ($99.99) and Bundles ($39.99). And this time, Wizards has increased the Buy-a-Box reward. Each person who buys a booster box of Ixalan will receive a foil Burning Sun’s Avatar promo.
In addition, they will receive a special booster pack which will contain the following.

  • 2 foil basic lands illustrated by Rebecca Guay
  • 4 rares or mythic rares from Standard-legal sets
  • 2 foils of any rarity from Standard-legal sets
  • 1 foil Burning Sun’s Avatar (in addition to the first one)

Please be aware these will be limited to one per customer and will only be while supplies last. Make sure you preorder as soon as possible to reserve yours!