Oct 27

Year-End Draft Promotion

We will be participating in the new Year-End Draft promotion. Play in 6 drafts between now and the end of the year, and Wizards will send us 2 free Standard Showdown packs to provide you. Any drafts will count, including the follow:

  • Dino-Sized Drafts
  • Iconic Masters release drafts
  • Unstable release drafts
  • Wednesday night drafts

The promotional packs will arrive sometime in January, along with a list of the eligible players. Please note that eligibility is tied to your DCI number and your Wizards account must be activated to qualify. If you need help activating your Wizards account, we will be glad to assist you.

(Each Standard Showdown pack contain 2 Standard legal rares or mythic rares, a Standard legal foil card of any rarity, and a promotional foil basic land.)