Nov 16

Black Friday Treasure Chest Promotion

Starting November 24, if you buy a booster box of any Standard legal set, Iconic Masters*, or Unstable**, you will receive a Treasure Chest promotional pack (while supplies last).

Treasure Chest boosters will contain the following:

  • One alternate-art, premium foil double-faced card from Ixalan;
  • Two premium foil basic lands;
  • Four rare or mythic rare cards from Standard-legal sets; and
  • Two premium foil cards from any Standard-legal set.

These are very similar to the original Ixalan Buy-a-box packs, except the Burning Sun’s Avatar has been replaced by a new alternate art version of an Ixalan double-faced card.

(All 10 double-faced cards will appear in the packs. You can see the others on the Wizard’s website.)

We have a limited supply of these promotional packs, and this is NOT limit one per customer like previous promotions, so make sure you get yours!

*Iconic Masters boxes bought starting with tomorrow’s release will earn these packs, but the packs cannot be distributed until 11/24/17.
**Unstable preorders will earn you these packs once the preorder is fully paid for.