Jan 23

Introducing Demo Days

We are proud to introduce our new program, Demo Days. Demo Days will be a monthly event where we will run demos for popular board games and card games for people who are interested in learning to play. If there is a game you want to learn, let us know and we will see about adding it to the schedule.

The first Demo Day will be this Sunday, January 28, and we will be demoing the game Smash Up. Smash Up is a “shuffle building” game where each player picks two faction decks (for example: Wizards and Ninjas) and Smashes them together. Then they battle each other across different sites for Victory Points.

You can find information about the game here: https://www.alderacsite.com/smash-up-home/

For this particular Demo Day, we also have promotional packs of the All-Star faction that we will be giving out to select participants.