This event is a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for the Pro Tour Ixalan which will be taking place Nov 3-5, 2017 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Date: Saturday, October 21
Registration: 10am – 11:45am. Player’s meeting will begin at noon.
Entry Fee: $25
Format: Standard
Head Judge: Jonathan Holland

This will be a Competitive REL event and deck lists will be required. We will have deck registration forms available on site, but we do recommend you fill one out ahead of time. You have find a blank deck registration form here.

Team Incentive

When signing up to play in this event, you may register as a team with up to 3 other players. This is still an individual event and all matches will be played as such. However, if a member of your team wins the event, all members of the team will have their entry fee reimbursed.


1st $250
2nd 24 packs
3rd-4th 12 packs
5th-8th 6 packs

In addition to the above prizes, the winner of the event will be eligible to participate in a Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Dominaria. The Regional PTQ information is not yet available.