This event is an official Steamroller tournament and will use the 2016 Steamroller rules, available here. Please be aware that this event is limited to 16 players.

This will be a 75pt event and each player will be allowed to bring two lists to choose from each round. This event will be 4 rounds and will be played using death clocks.

Date: Saturday, June 24
Event Time: 11:00a
Registration: 10:00a – 10:45p
Entry fee: $15


The winner of the event will receive a cash prize of $50. Steamroller medals will be issued to players finishing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Additional store credit prizes will be issued to top placing finishers based on attendance. This will be announced at the start of the event.

Any player who plays all 4 rounds of the event and finishes lower than 3rd place will be eligible for a door prize drawing of $20 store credit.