Nov 14

Putnam County Library Wish Tree

The Putnam County Library has brought us another Wish Tree this year. This is a great opportunity to support our local library and help new gamers find great games to play. We encourage you to check this out and participate if you can.

Nov 07

Iconic Masters and From the Vault: Transform

We are now taking preorders on Iconic Masters and From the Vault: Transform.

Iconic Masters releases November 17. It will be $224.99 per box.

In addition, we will be doing Iconic Masters release drafts on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19. They will be at 1:00pm and 5:00pm both days. Each draft will be $40 and will have a limit of 8 players. Please make sure to preregister for the events that you wish to join and reserve your slot.

From the Vault: Transform releases November 24. They will be $49.99 and will be limit one per customer. Please be aware we are receiving a very limited quantity of this product so make sure you preorder if you want one.

Oct 27

Year-End Draft Promotion

We will be participating in the new Year-End Draft promotion. Play in 6 drafts between now and the end of the year, and Wizards will send us 2 free Standard Showdown packs to provide you. Any drafts will count, including the follow:

  • Dino-Sized Drafts
  • Iconic Masters release drafts
  • Unstable release drafts
  • Wednesday night drafts

The promotional packs will arrive sometime in January, along with a list of the eligible players. Please note that eligibility is tied to your DCI number and your Wizards account must be activated to qualify. If you need help activating your Wizards account, we will be glad to assist you.

(Each Standard Showdown pack contain 2 Standard legal rares or mythic rares, a Standard legal foil card of any rarity, and a promotional foil basic land.)

Oct 24

Standard PPTQ Results

Congratulations to our Top 8 finishers, and a special congratulations to our winner, Trey McClarnon. He took down the event with Esper Tokens. Full decklists for all of the Top 8 can be found below.

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Oct 19

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller

Our next Steamroller will be Saturday, November 11. This event will have a 24 player cap and will be ran just like our previous event.

Full event details can be found here.

Oct 17

Modern Melee Returns

We apologize for the lack of Modern Melee event in October. However, the event returns in November. We are changing these events from Sunday to Saturday and changing the start time to 12:00pm. All other details remain the same at this time.

Full details about our Modern Melee events can be found here.

Oct 13

Dino-Sized Weekend – October 28-29

On Saturday, October 28 and Sunday, October 29, we will be hosting Dino-Sized Weekend, which will be special “Dino-Sized” Drafts using 4 packs instead of 3. These will be ran just like our normal drafts, but with an extra pack. The entry fee for these events will be $16 and we will be receiving special mini-posters for Ixalan as additional prizes. Full information on the events can be found here.

These will take place at 1:00pm and 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Oct 12

Pathfinder Society

We would like to welcome the Pathfinder Society to Bob’s Games and Collectibles and we encourage everyone to check out their events!

Oct 03

Ixalan League

Ixalan League starts today!

$10 entry

You start with three packs of Ixalan and you build a 30 card deck. Then just play other people in the League. The season runs for 4 weeks. You get to purchase and add an additional pack to your pool each week starting with week 2. You may also add an additional pack for every three losses.

If you play at least 10 league games during the season, you get a promo copy of Unclaimed Territory.

If you play at least 20 league games and add at least 3 packs to your pool, you will receive 2 additional Ixalan packs as prize.

Sep 27

Ixalan Draft Weekend

This weekend is the draft weekend for Ixalan. We will have drafts at 1:00pm and 5:00pm both Saturday and Sunday. Each event has a special entry fee of $10. These will be 3 rounds of swiss and players will receive a prize pack for every round they win. In addition, participants will receive a Bishop of Rebirth promo card (while supplies last).