Magic Casual League

The Casual League is a great opportunity for players looking for a more casual Magic experience at the shop. Players are able to play games at their own pace and whenever they choose with an emphasis on having fun rather than being competitive.

Each player begins the league with 3 Amonkhet Booster packs. With those 3 packs, they will build a Magic deck with a 30 card minimum similar to a Prerelease. From there all they have to do is play against other people in the league. Players can play against each other at any time, as long as the game is played at the shop. Players will play one game matches against their opponent’s and each player will get a free mulligan.

Players are also able to add additional Amonkhet boosters to their league pool in two different ways. Each week after the first, players are allowed to add one booster to their pool. Also, players are allowed to add additional boosters to their pool whenever they lose three games.

When joining the league, you will be given a free Amonkhet themed storage box to hold all of your league cards. These boxes will be stored at the shop when not being used.

At the end of the league, players keep all the cards in their pool. In addition, players are eligible to win a participation prize of two free Booster Packs if they meet two requirements during the league:

  • Players must play at least 20 games over the course of the league.
  • Players must add at least one additional pack each week after the first.

The current league began May 2, and will run for four weeks. The initial entry for the league is $10. Each new week of the league will begin on Tuesday. While league games can be played at any time, we encourage players to come and meet up on Sundays to have a wide variety of opponents to play against.